“Motorcycling: A Lifelong Affair: Passion for Adventure”

    New Book! “Motorcycling: A Lifelong Affair: Passion for Adventure”

GS's in Colorado

Over the last year Frank Maloney and Greg Powell (www.gregsadventure.com) have collaborated to co-author and produce “Motorcycling: A Lifelong Affair: Passion for Adventure” coming April, 2013!

Guatemala 1 Volcano

Book Description

A unique and original book concept! One part adventure travelogue and another part celebration of motorcycling passion with quotes, facts, figures and color pictures! A celebration of 2 Toronto men’s lifelong adventures in motorcycling shared in a heartfelt, humorous and easily readable format.

Frank Maloney and Greg Powell are fervent motorcyclists who not only share the two-wheeled dream with readers but literally invite them along for the magical adventure. Relevant to hard-core veterans, novices and those curious about getting involved in the exciting lifestyle and extended family social aspects of motorcycling.Shawn Colorado Mountain view


 Greg Powell’s life changing and incredible but true 65,000 km, 11 month solo adventure and journey. He went across North America east to west and then from the Arctic to the southernmost tip of South America. Go along for the ride as Greg got attacked and robbed, experienced romance and triumphed over the elements, breakdowns and his own fears

–        The history and development of motorcycling and famous motorcyclists in history

–         Women and motorcycling

–         Why motorcycling is a wonderfully powerful and positive life changing addiction

–         Best types of motorcycles for your specific needs

–         Best motorcycle TV shows and movies ever!

–         “Bucket list” motorcycle trips

Ducatis Coverd Bridge

“You’re going to ride your bike to Argentina!?”

“Sorry you got Robbed, that’s Guatemala, want a cookie?”

“If you stay until Christmas, you can date my sister.”

“Most people’s cure for homesickness is going home, mine is to go further away”

We will be at the International Spring Motorcycle Show. See us speak and visit our booth to be one of the first to reserve a copy!

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Alisha Lynn

Don’t miss beautiful calendar Model, ALISHA LYNN, Who will be attending the 2013 Motorcycle Springshow as a Special Guest in the Hall 1 . Meet her in person. Get your calendar autographed or have your picture taken with Alisha while you’re at the Show.


Altometheus 2

ALTOMETHEUS 2, Famed Bonneville Land Speed Racing Vincent Streamliner and Marvel of Engineering debuts at SPRINGSHOW 2013

February 1, 2013… Direct from the Salt Flats at Bonneville, Altometheus 2, the amazing 3-wheeled salt racing motorcycle, will be a feature of the ‘Bikes of the Century’ red carpet display in Hall 3 at the International Centre on the weekend of March 16 & 17.

Altometheus 2 is 20 feet long and was built to race the salt flats by engineering genius John Renwick of Great Britain.  John also built Altometheus 1 which is now in the hands of a private collector in Italy.  Altometheus 2 is a recent acquisition of motorcycle collector and SPRINGSHOW Founder, Bar Hodgson.

The rig’s Vincent engine is 1650cc, with a combined horsepower of 120 on methanol fuel and an additional 60hp when the nitrous oxide is triggered, for a total of 180hp.  The streamliner posted 205 MPH at Bonneville in 2012, without utilizing the nitrous system, before the front tire (from a Harrier jump jet) blew and the parachute was deployed.

Followers of Bar Hodgson’s exploits may recall that in 2007 he raced the Arrow Streamliner at Bonneville and crashed at almost 200 MPH sustaining moderate injuries and was able to walk away.

The SPRINGSHOW highlights the Canadian debut for Altometheus 2.  It is a great opportunity to see this genuine marvel of engineering and design.  The bodywork will be removed to display its mighty Vincent engine, nitrous system, 16inch diameter cockpit, and other internal workings.

For further information on the Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW, sponsored by Dalton Timmis Insurance, visit  www.motorcyclespringshow.com



Stunters Inc.

Stunters Inc. coming to the Motorcycle Springshow!
Cesare, Stunters Inc. lead rider comments “We’re bringing some crazy new bikes we’re just finishing now,  including a Street Fighter and a Can Am Spyder that I guarantee will wow the crowd. We’ll also have autograph signing with our new posters and sticker giveaways too”


Cesare Costantini’s Bio:                                                                                       Stunters Inc Pic #4

Cesare Costantini was born on November 7,1977 in Toronto, Canada. His addiction for motorcycles and passion for riding started at an early age. His dream was to one day own his own bike shop and become a sponsored professional stunt rider. Motivated and driven he later attended and graduated as a certified motorcycle technician from Centennial College in 2009. The same year he put his dreams into reality and started his own business, Stunters Inc, a Toroto-based shop for motorcycle repair and custom fabrication. Stunters Inc, founded in 2009, became both a motorcycle repair shop and professional freestyle stunt team all in one.

Stunters Inc Pic #2

Stunters Inc Pic #1









The team features Cesare himself and two other talented riders, 18 year-old Matthew Vassell and Sanki. Originally just another group of street riders, the members of Stunters Inc. quickly became known in the riding community as the boys who “tear it up”. Looking to focus more on the stunts they moved to a more suitable and safer location away from dangers such as pedestrians and traffic. They secured a local parking lot where they were able to have the space necessary for perfecting their stunts and their own style of riding. Being a bit of a struggle at first due to the lack of local support, and the fact that compared to The States where stunt riding is almost considered a national sport, in Canada, the lack of knowledge and interest was painfully low. However, over the years the sport started to grow, and more people started hearing and seeing this amazing sport via social networking sites, videos on Youtube, Magazines and online blogs and forums. Connecting with both current and potential stunt riders world wide, learning from each others failures and successes, and remaining competitive amongst themselves allowed the members to develop a solid arsenal of stunts and a larger fan-base of supporters from all around. Stunters Inc were now on the radar of motorcycle enthusiasts, not just in Canada but all over the world.

Stunters Inc Pic #3 Spending every spare second in the lot or on the road, every spare dollar on stunt set ups and refurbishing broken bikes, perfecting new tricks and sharing their knowledge and new ventures with the world, have all contributed to the rise of  the “Inc.”. Stunters Inc has been performing all over Ontario for events, parties, shows, and charities. They have award winning custom built motorcycles among with other award winning bikes under their belts already. As people are catching onto the sport Stunters Inc have been featured in music videos for Canadian artists such as JR Mint, Jd ERA and Roshin which helps promote the sport and local talent. Features on TV for the local news morning shows, to promote their business and upcoming shows, Stunters Inc is strongly making their mark in the industry and in the media. This year Cesare and his team show no signs of slowing down and after making one dream a reality he his more determined than ever to make his other dream, of being a sponsored professional canadian stunt rider a reality for this upcoming season. With unquestionable talent, passion, and extensive supports and fans, there is no question Cesare can make it all possible.

In the words of Cesare himself, ” One life, One wheel, One love.”




Mandy Monroe

Meet Mandy Monroe


Come meet Mandy Monroe a featured guest at the 2013 Motorcycle Springshow, she will be in Hall 1 signing copies of her new 2013 calendar!

Mandy was the cover model for the October 2012 issue of one of the worlds most popular motorcycle magazines, The Horse Backstreet Choppers, bring your copy of the magazine to the show and have it signed with the purchase of a poster!

You can see more of Mandy at the following links

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