Introducing Oliver “Brokentooth” Solaro: The Ice Road Biker

11703141_593575430784054_693358216620105092_nMeet the man who rides where motorcycles simply don’t belong.

When he’s not bouncing down the short lived winter road network that connects remote northern communities you can find him dodging polar bears on the ocean sea ice. Ask him what it’s like to ride the ice road at night with a frozen cornea; or how to sew your own wounds with a fish hook; or what it takes to keep a motorcycle ticking for thousands of kilometres at -40. Is it true that while out there he eats a whole pound of butter and bacon on top of regular meals every day?

Come chat with the kilted madman of the ice and find out what it’s like to ride to places that don’t exist on a map while still getting to keep all your fingers and toes.

Then there’s his “rafter-cycle” project but well….you’ll just have to ask him.