Introducing Oliver “Brokentooth” Solaro: The Ice Road Biker

11703141_593575430784054_693358216620105092_nMeet the man who rides where motorcycles simply don’t belong.

When he’s not bouncing down the short lived winter road network that connects remote northern communities you can find him dodging polar bears on the ocean sea ice. Ask him what it’s like to ride the ice road at night with a frozen cornea; or how to sew your own wounds with a fish hook; or what it takes to keep a motorcycle ticking for thousands of kilometres at -40. Is it true that while out there he eats a whole pound of butter and bacon on top of regular meals every day?

Come chat with the kilted madman of the ice and find out what it’s like to ride to places that don’t exist on a map while still getting to keep all your fingers and toes.

Then there’s his “rafter-cycle” project but well….you’ll just have to ask him.

Artist Chad Eskrick – Pinstriper extraordinaire

Introducing talented artist Chad Eskrick of Eskrick Inc, specializing in the old school art of pinstriping! Chad will be holding live demonstrations throughout Saturday and Sunday in his booth in Hall 1 East. Bring your gas tanks, fenders, helmet or whatever you’d like pinstriped and watch a master at work!


2017 Special Guest, author George Elliott Clarke at this year’s show!

George Elliott Clarke, author of the new novel, “The Motorcyclist”,
will be a special guest at SPRINGSHOW 2017.
Meet the author in person and have your copy signed
on Saturday morning at the Show.

George Elliott Clarke
Author George Elliott Clarke


“The Motorcyclist” launches in paperback on March 7th

“In vibrant, energetic, sensual prose, George Elliott Clarke brilliantly
illuminates the life of a young black man striving for pleasure, success
and, most of all, respect.”

young bill BMWThe author’s father, Bill Clarke, on his BMW/2, who was the
inspiration for the stories in the book

Meet Harley expert and tech author, Donny Petersen at this year’s SPRINGSHOW!

Don Head 2












Donny Petersen, book author and Techline Editor for American Iron Magazine will be at SPRINGHOW 2017 signing copies of his books.

Donny’s Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley Davidson 1936-Present

• Vol. I: The Twin Cam: 1999-2008   (440 pages)    published

• Vol. II: Performancing the Twin Cam   (745 pages)     published

• Vol. III: The Evolution: 1984 to 2000   (770 pages)     published

• Vol. I: The Twin Cam: 1999 to Present   (770 pages)    published

• Vol. V: The Shovelhead: 1966 to 1985  Part I   (776 pages)    published

• Vol. V: The Shovelhead: 1966 to 1985  Part II   (748 pages)    published

• Vol IV: Performancing the Evolution   (750 pages)    published

Winner of the New York 2012 International Book Awards (New York City) for “The Twin Cam: 1999 to Present”.

Winner of the 2013 International Book Awards for Part I: “The Shovelhead: 1966 to 1985”.

Winner of the 2014 International Book Awards for Part II: “The Shovelhead: 1966 to 1985”.