Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show 2008

The Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show 2008

April 5 & 6 2008
Toronto International Centre
6900 Airport Road


Every year the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show attracts more and more buyers of used bikes, and more sellers are recognizing the strength of the audience as potential buyers for their bikes. We believe the market for Used Bikes is going to continue to grow in Canada and encourage sellers and buyers to come to the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show, as the place to make a great deal.

Do you have a bike to sell? Here’s what to do.

The cost to sell a bike in the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show Used Bike Market is $40 per bike. The fee includes GST, a weekend ticket to the Show, and your For Sale Sign.

Bring your bike(s) to the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, on Friday April 4th between noon and 11:00 pm or Saturday morning, April 5th between 8 am and 9:45 am (Show opens at 10 am so make sure you leave enough time to register and get the bike cleaned up for Show opening at 10 am). Go to loading door # 16 around the south side of the building and the Used Bike Market is just to the left as you come in. Look for the Showbike & Used Bike registration office. The $40 fee is payable in cash only.

We remind you to bring your ownership with you. Bikes cannot be started in the building. Lastly, you need to be there on Sunday at 6 pm when the Show closes (or the new owner of the bike) to secure the bike during move-out.

Answers to some other frequently asked questions:

Can I use my own For Sale sign?
You must display the supplied Official For Sale sign which alerts our staff that it is a properly registered bike but you can also post your own additional sign with more details about the bike such as modifications, mileage, history or other special features.

Do I have to drain the gas out of the bike?
No, but the fire department asks that you have no more than 3/4 tank of gas in the bike. If the gas cap locks you must lock it - if not, you need to put tape over it.

Are there any commissions involved?
No, we do not take a commission on the sale of your bike. You are free to negotiate with potential buyers and the final price is between you and the buyer.

Can I sell parts with the bike?
No, the space is for a bike only, no loose parts. You can list any parts that go with the bike on your For Sale sign but they cannot be displayed with the bike. If you are selling a trailer with a bike you must pay $40 for the bike and $40 for the trailer.

What if I sell my bike before Sunday?
Arrangements can be made with our Floor Managers to remove a bike once the Show closes on Saturday, if you need to remove it before the end of the Show. On Sunday, bikes will ONLY be able to be removed AFTER Show closing at 5:00 pm. Please go to the Show Office if you need assistance.

One final reminder: Clean Bikes Sell!
Take the time to make the bike look as good as you can. There will be a lot of people looking at your bike over the weekend and the nicer it looks, the more interested buyers you will talk to and you're more likely to get your asking price.

Send us a quick e-mail letting us know what the bike is that you will be bringing to sell and we’ll get the word out for you. (please put 'used bike' in the subject of your e-mail)

See you at the Show!

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